Why should my child start climbing?

Physical strength and conditioning

Climbing is one of the best all round, full body workouts. It helps with coordination and motor planning. Climbing builds stamina, increases flexibility and is a low impact, body-weight based activity.

Mental stimulation

Climbing is exceptional for cognitive development and mental well-being. It is great stress relief and helps develops healthy ambition and personal challenge. It focuses the mind and builds confidence. Promotes problem solving.

National and provincial representation

With climbing being included in the Olympic games it has elevated the status of climbing. For those children that want to get involved in the competitive side of climbing we host an annual provincial competition for Eastern Cape Climbing and support them with special coaching sessions.

So How Does It Work?

Get in contact with us

Send us an email on: info@valleycrag.co.za or give us a call on: 082 576 4623 to get your child(ren) involved or find out more information.

Sign them up on a membership

Our Scholar memberships run on a month-to-month basis. For only R330 per month your child can climb at our facility as often as they want to (with FREE Gear rental included).

Free masterclass coaching sessions

As a member, your child will get access to 1 free masterclass session, with our amazing climbing coaches, each week to help improve their climbing skills and grow in confidence on the walls

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